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Goodreads Reviews

Andrea Said:

This debut novel by Andi Ramos is cute, funny, and a great addition to the genre. Sheagan is spunky, independent, and determined. Her world has been rocked following the death of her father and the discovery of how Rat Bastard, aka her boyfriend, really is cheating on her. Her father had been a very successful private detective and she picked up a few tricks along the way. Her first case is tracking down the aforementioned boyfriend, but she quickly falls into another case, a real case. A man seeks his missing wife. Sheagan jumps on the opportunity and soon finds herself knee-deep in an FBI case and inadvertently getting herself into trouble. 

Trouble is compounded by the appearance of two men in her life. One is an old friend from high school who grew up into quite a lovely specimen. The other is an FBI agent who gets under her skin and triggers a passionate response. You know, the guy who makes you so crazy that you can't help but fall for him and have no idea why? 4 1/2 stars! Read more of this review...

Gerry Said

Gumshoe Girl is a good mystery, Book One of what I assume will be a series (I do hope so), and with the same main characters. It begins with a man seeking his missing wife, and this is her first detective case. He goes to Gumshoe Girl because his wife hasn't been missing long enough for the police to get involved. The more she investigates, the more there is to be confused about. Then the FBI gets involved. She 's warned to stop investigating. She doesn't stop. The case is resolved, and with her help in a major way, and Gumshoe Girl feels pretty good about her new life. But she now has two men romantically interested in her. Which I assume will be continued in this series.

Goodreads Review

Kathy Said

What a delightful mystery. I don’t even know if I’d call the genre romantic suspense. It’s almost a cozy. It’s your everyday mean mad cop, well maybe cute FBI agent in this book, who picks on a cute, very funny female Private Investigator type of story. But this is a fast-moving full of action mystery.

The characters here are well-defined and easy to see in one’s mind. There are three or four quite important characters and yet every one of them has his or her own distinctive personality. Being able to “see” a character as I read always makes a story much more enjoyable for me. I did find 8 or 9 typos, more mixed up words than typos and this sort of thing ruins my reading rhythm, but this is a really good book. I’d be glad to send my typos to the author/publisher at any time. Would sure not want a few mix-ups to ruin such a great start for this author.

The setting is great. The complete picture of a new memorable character is perfect. Easy to read and definitely the start of what I hope will be a series to come. Kudos to Andi Ramos.

InD'tale Said

A traditional mystery with a new detective, “Gumshoe Girl” features a woman with bad taste in men, a recently deceased father, and a detective agency she only vaguely knows how to run.

Read full review in the 2018 July Aug issue of InD'tale Magazine.

Goodreads Review

Gayle Said

Couldn't put it down! Sheagan - what an original name - is quirky, fun, spirited, and driven. Her life may have become a mess after her unexpected fall from grace (read the book, you'll understand my reference), but she is determined to make her way on her own. Not overly romantic, nor overly adult - I really enjoyed learning Sheagan's story and love how it was left open for a sequel to come.

Cathy Said

Sheagan O’Hare has just taken over her father’s private detective business and her first customer is…herself. Her boyfriend is caught in flagrante delicto and she is out of their apartment and on her way to proving herself as a PI. Her next case is a missing wife and in her search to find Mary Heart her sleuthing overlaps with an ongoing FBI case. With each page the intrigue increases and the threads become more tangled until Sheagan manages to eventually untangle them, find the missing person and help the FBI close their case, too. 

With two hot guys interested in her, a new secretary to man the office, a best friend to lend an ear and the potential of another mystery linked to her recently deceased father this new series has a great deal of potential. It will be interesting to see how Sheagan grows into the profession she has chosen and what will happen in her life romantically and professionally. If you have read and enjoyed either the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich or the Luci Rizzo series by Adrienne Giordano then I believe you will enjoy this book, too. 

Goodreads Review

Pam Said

Andi Ramos is a promising author. I loved this book! A breezy entertaining read, just what the Doctor ordered after a stressful day. Escape in this guilty pleasure, I really think you owe it to yourself to enjoy the shenanigans as the main character, Sheagan, trips her way through an investigation. Snappy dialogue and carefully crafted quirky characters add spice to this novel. Her turn of phrase was surprisingly well developed for a new author, I could picture each scene and character in my mind's eye. The future looks bright for Andi Ramos and her Sheagan! Being from the Boston area originally, I am giving the author a pass on calling Southie the South End...LOL! She did a fantastic job and I can't wait for her next book. Looking forward to seeing where this series leads me and watching her develop into a seasoned author and consummate story teller!

Sue Said

Loved it! Reminds me of a Janet Evanovich novel. Light and funny but a real mystery as well. I hope it’s just book one of a series!!

***All of these reviews were taken from the first version of Gumshoe Girl published by Tirgearr Publishing. There are only minor changes from first to second publication by Andi Ramos.

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