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I'm Bloggin' Today: About Twitter Pitch Parties

Updated: May 17, 2018

STOP! Collaborate, and listen (yes I am a child of the 80’s) ANYONE out there who is looking to get their work in front of an agent, editor, or publisher, or industry professional, you MUST learn about pitch parties. There are several ways to get your work in front of these professionals including querying, appointments at conferences, etc. But it would seem the most efficient approach is a pitch party (I have a story to support this opinion). Pitch parties allow you to pitch to several different editors, agents, and industry professionals at the same time all through 140 characters.

So what is a pitch party anyway?

I am so glad you asked! A pitch party is based on twitter feed specifically engineered and provides a sole purpose for getting your work out and seen by agents, editors, publishers and industry professionals. They are hosted by several different entities throughout the year and can range from a wide scope to a specific genre.

How does it work?

Another great question! Each of the different hosts will run their party differently according to rules they set into place. As far as specifics, the times the party is going on, how often you can pitch, etc. they can be different for each party. I would suggest going to the website or the host’s Twitter homepage and acquainting yourself with the rules ahead of time. But, the basics are the same, you would come up with a pitch that is 140 characters (yes, I said characters spaces and everything count) that describes your work enough to get one of the aforementioned professionals interested in seeing more of your work. If someone favorites (or hearts) your work, the ball starts rolling. As far as what the ball is and how long the hill is, that is up to the agent, editor or industry professional that favorited your work. Each will be different, they may ask for a query or synopsis. They may ask for a partial or full (manuscript), it all depends on what they want or willing to consider. (#Pitchwars and #SonofaPitch do operate entirely differently. These don’t take place in a single day. They are more involved, matching an author up with a mentor(s). If you would like me to do more on this type, comment below- I’ll start working on it!)

Does it work?

You know this is the part where my story comes in, right?

So, let me set you up, I have been making a point to go on Twitter every day to check in with what is going on especially in my new endeavor, writing. I had been looking forward to a Twitter Pitch Party, #PitMad, that was on the horizon and wanted to verify I had the rules down. Well, when I did, I discovered the party wasn’t on the horizon it was going on that day and ending in a couple of hours! AHHHH! I was so bummed, I hadn’t prepared anything, let alone try to squish my amazing 58,000-word novel into 140 characters. I looked at the time; it was approaching 4:00 pm. Even though the party was going to extend to 8:00 pm, in my brain I reasoned I had until 5:00 pm to get something out there and hopefully catch the eye of some brilliant agent or editor. I mean that is a regular working day 9-5 ends, no one will see it after 5:00. I studied the clock. Do I go for it? I took a deep breath and miraculously came up with something that didn’t totally suck. After tweaking it and testing it, I got it to fit in the 140 frame, and I took another breath and posted it. It was 4:15. Five min went by nothing, 15 min went by, and I had two likes, holy mackerel! (Yeah, I didn’t say that. Those who know me, know what I really said.)

The point is, I didn’t let my mind engage on the what if’s, or I wouldn’t be writing this today. I was dancing in my living room; my posts didn’t suck, yea. Now what? So, like I mentioned before it’s up to the person that favorited my work. I went to the posts of those that requested. One wanted me to PM for further instructions. One wanted the entire manuscript! YUP!!! I swallowed hard readied the manuscript and sent it off and guess what? They offered me a contract- that I signed and will be publishing my debut novel! So in answer to your question they absolutely, without a doubt work.

Speaking of doubts, I have some...

You do, why? I get it. It’s scary to put yourself out there. You want everyone to think your baby is as cute as you do. What if they don't? So, what if they don't. Look at it this way there is a whole twitter party, hundreds of people, in the same boat as you and they are all rooting for each other to succeed. Why would they want others to succeed? Because the more success stories, the more popular and plentiful these twitter parties will become. The more these writers can get their work out there and seen. And the better chance they are going to find their perfect fit. As the great one, Wayne Gretzky, said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Not into hockey then how about someone more fitting as Mark Twain wrote, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did.”

Take a chance; you might even end up with your first contract!

Have questions? Comment below, I will take a stab at answering them. Now here is a list of some upcoming twitter pitch parties. Notice what’s coming up on March 8th, #Pitmad

2018 Pitch Parties:

#PitMad on March 8th, June 7th, September 6th and December 6th

#AdPit on April 4th. July and November dates to come.

#KidPit on April 4th. July and November dates to come.  

#SOAP18 / #SonofaPitch will be in April (check back for specific date)

#PitDark in May and October (check back for specific dates)

#DVPit on (Check back. Not announced yet.)

#SFFPit on (Check back. Not announced yet.)

I want to thank the following blog for providing the Pitch Party list, there is some great information there too click below:


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