• Andi Ramos

I'm Bloggin' Today: RWA 2018, What is a Microblog?

I couldn't possibly get into everything I learned at the Romance Writers of America conference this year, but I will talk about something that I think has a significant bearing on my platform. Did you know blogging was totally out?!? I know I'm like, I just started my blog this year!! Well, it's true and it is for various reasons the main one being unless you are totally into a subject that you can't seem to get enough of, and I happen to be blogging about...you don't have time to sit and read my ramblings. I get it! I have make time to read blogs and that is because they are connected to my writing.

So what took its place, you ask (at least I did!) Instagram...Wait, no...I'm not even ON Instagram, that can't be a thing, can it?

YIKES, it's a thing, a big thing. And I am missing out on a huge potential fanbase because I didn't make the switch (or even know about it for that matter). So the newest thing is to microblog on Instagram, I can see how this is very appealing for it blends a picture (taken by me) and pairs it with whatever I want to talk about (usually having something to do with the image I'm displaying). So what are the differences? Well, the main difference will be the length of the article, they will be shorter and the inclusions of hashtags (which I have to admit, I didn't quite understand before- hashtags are like keywords- they are a way for people searching for your post on XYZ to find it). The most significant difference is it's all done on my phone, which will help me when we are on the road. If you haven't checked out Instagram, try it So, here is what I am thinking, I am going to focus on a monthly l newsletter instead of a traditional. I also set up an Instagram account and have started practicing microblogging. Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/andiramosauthor

So what is a microblog? It is a photo rich post with a smaller but compelling content. I have decided to stick to three main themes: books, food & travel.

My questions to you, are you on Instagram? What do you think of my plan? Would you support my efforts on Instagram with a microblog and follow me? My concern is that it will draw more people away from my website, but it will get my name out in front of a larger audience. Maybe it will stick for a bit, maybe it will be a bust and the next new platform is around the corner...who can tell?!?!

Massachusetts, USA