• Andi Ramos

I'm Bloggin' Today: I Didn't Know A​N​Y Of This​​

So much is going on with my book release in less than three weeks, and I have to say I didn't know any of it!

I was walking with a friend, discussing everything I have been doing for the last couple weeks and all the stuff there is still left to do, and she says, "Wow, I never knew what went into getting your book out there." She hit the nail on the head; it's not just writing, editing, publishing-it all comes down to MARKETING. Who knew? Not I, said the cat (Little Red Hen reference- for those who forgot, lol).

I can...as a matter of fact; I did...write my book, got a contract for publishing, got it edited, and it's publishing soon, but this doesn't mean anything if no one hears about it, to be able to purchase and read. So, I have been learning about marketing and promotion, and believe me there is a lot to know! Some of the things I have been doing is setting up guest blog posts, soliciting honest reviews (by asking- not paying- yes it's a real thing, can you believe it! My naive brain didn't know that either), organizing my virtual launch party, and setting up author interviews (not for them, for me!). PHEW! Speaking of author interviews if anyone is interested, my very first one just went live Tuesday, YIKES! I am sure I screwed something up. If you want to check it out, here is the link: https://wp.me/p3uv2y-7WY

I would love some feedback!

Massachusetts, USA