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I'm Bloggin' Today: Ahhhhh ​Summer, A Secret, & New Stuff

Ahhhhh, Summer!!!

I love summer! I love to feel the warmth on my skin, and I love that we don't have to shovel, I love the flowers, the singing birds, hiking in the woods. I love going to the beach (if only it weren't for pesky sand). I love going metal detecting (yes I am that much of a nerd). I love mowing the lawn (believe it or not, wait- rider lawn mower only- let's not get crazy!). I love summer! But I also love that it is the time of year when The Romance Writers Of America conference comes around, and it's coming up in just two weeks, I can't wait to come back and share some fantastic knowledge, AND I will have a give away of conference goodies!!

A Secret:

"Listen...Do you want to know a secret?" Who knows the next line? Comment below with the following line and the artist!!!

I do have a secret though, my publisher told me this week, and it's SO EXCITING!!! Gumshoe Girl was Tirgearr's best selling book for the month of June! They even gave me an award for bragging rights, crazy, right?!?!?! The news will be shared very soon on social media, but I wanted to tell all of you first!

New Stuff- I have a couple of new features on my website:

Work In Progress Counters- I have included a counter for each of the latest stories I am working on. I figure they will all roughly be 60,000 words and what shows is my approximate word count and a sliding graph, so you can all see how I'm doing and maybe put a firecracker in my butt every once in a while! It's on the front page: www.andiramos.com

Video Channel- Some of you have seen my trailer for my book, but did you see the behind the scenes video? Alexandrea (my daughter) does a fantastic job, and it's so cool to see her process. https://www.andiramos.com/special-video

The Results- Oh you wanted to know those too (wink, wink)

And the winner is #3 (Tree Pose) with a close second of #2 (Beach Pose). I might just have to work both looks into the story, hmmmm... Thank you all for voting!

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