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I'm Bloggin' Today: About Heroes

Did you know there are eight different hero archetypes for Romances?

Ummm no, not him...read on my friend!

I may have known somewhere deep in my subconscious, but never gave it much thought until I was writing heroes in my stories. What I didn’t realize was how similar Hollywood depicts those hero types in these categories. You will see that I used many images over several decades to illustrate this. (Oh, the other criteria- they had to be gorgeous!) Let me say I know that some of these heroes could be placed in a couple of different categories- I used the one that I believe most fits, considering the entire character arc.

What I want to know is what your favorite type of hero is? And why? Please comment below! I would love to use this information as I decide what kind of hero to create some new stories I have kicking around!

Dangerous to know, he walks on the wild side. He’s bitter and volatile, a crushed idealist, but he's also charismatic and street smart.
A dynamic leader, he has time for nothing but work. He is tough, decisive, goal-oriented.
Mr. Excitement, he’s an adventure. This guy is action, action, and more action. He's physical and daring. Fearless, he’s a daredevil, or an explorer.
Coolly analytical, he knows every answer. He’s logical, introverted, and inflexible, but genuine about his feelings.
A noble champion, he acts with honor. This man is the reluctant rescuer or the knight in shining armor. He's noble, tenacious, relentless, and he always sticks up for the underdog.
Sweet and safe, he never lets anyone down.He's kind, responsible, decent, a regular Mr. Nice Guy.
A sensitive being, he understands. Tortured, secretive, brooding, and unforgiving.
More than a gigolo, he creates fantasies. He might be a playboy or a rogue, but he's doesn’t commit to a woman easily.

I would like to thank http://www.tamicowden.com/heroes.htm for providing the hero descriptions!

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