• Andi Ramos

I'm Bloggin' Today: About Getting The Words On The Page

Mesmerized by the blinking cursor and stark white page, I sit and contemplate how I will start to fill that page with words. At this moment, it is really easy to remember all the things I forgot to do, put the clothes in the dryer, answer an e-mail, check the status of my post; you see where I’m going with this. It is easy to avoid starting. Don’t get me wrong some days the scene is in my head, and it flows out of my fingers like melted chocolate, but I am talking about all the other days. I know many writers have a hard time with this and it all comes from a very real place. As a new writer I struggle with fear;

Fear that I am not good enough

Fear that no one wants to read what we write about

Fear of rejection

Fear of exposing myself

These fears can be quite debilitating and often come in the form of writer's block. So what do I do about it? I try and remember a quote I came across one day: Write without fear, edit without mercy. I was putting too much emphasis on what I was writing. I realized that whatever I put down can be erased, rewritten, polished, changed, whatever needs to be done with it to make it shine in the future. But I can’t get there if there are words now. So, I need to…get the words on the page. They usually find life once I start and the days they don’t, well then that’s a good day to work on the business side of being a writer.

Massachusetts, USA