• Andi Ramos

Gumshoe Girl Has A Trailer!

We have been working hard the past few days to bring you Gumshoe Girl's very first trailer. What an adventure, it is only the second video I have ever made, and I think it came out awesome! It was so much fun to make. The trailer is quirky and funny, just like Sheagan. You can view it on the Facebook Gumshoe Girl Page or on my website I have also included a video of the making of the

trailer on my website that is incredible to watch. I couldn't have done it without my daughter, Alexandrea, she is the artist behind the character sketches and computer graphics. She just graduated High School in

the Graphic Arts Program and has amazing talent! She will be going to college in the fall studying Fine Arts. I would also like to give some love to Elle from EJR Digital Arts who is the artist behind my book cover. She did an amazing job and if you don't know my book was the most recent winner of Author Shout's Cover Wars Contest. Thank you to all who voted and supported me!

Massachusetts, USA